DGT International Chess Trainer upgraded CD 2014

Год выпуска: 2014
Разработчик: DGT
Издательство: DGT
Платформа: PC
Тип издания: лицензия
Язык интерфейса: русский,английский, немецкий, итальянский, испанский, французский (6 languages)
Язык озвучки: русский
Категория: International Trainer,мультимедиа уроки
Микстура: серийный номер
Размер: 296.11 MB
Системные требования:
Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7, DVD drive, mouse, soundcard
Последняя версия диска с обучающими материалами по игре в шахматы от производителя самых популярных в мире турнирных досок DGT. 6 языков, в том числе и русский. 45 уроков по игре в шахматы + Fritz 9.0 + 1900 упражнений. Лучшая экспресс-система для самостоятельного обучения игры в шахматы теперь и на русском
Доп. информация:
The Chess Trainer is recognized as a superior method to learn chess with 45 lessons and 1900 exercises. It is particularly suitable for beginners but will also benefit intermediate players and sharpen their skills.
This version of the upgraded Chess Trainer CD includes German, English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Russian languages.
— Interactive learning
— Very suitable for beginners
— Includes Fritz chess playing software
The DGT Chess Trainer covers all chess rules and essential combinations. With 45 highly interactive lessons this is your personal tutor and private chess teacher.
The lessons start at the very beginning, explaining the board set-up and the rules for moving the pieces. It builds from there, step-by-step, in the tradition of the famous TASC Chess Learning System. The lessons are supplemented by over 1900 exercises. As you learn and work your way through the exercises, it will grade your results, and give you hints and tips if requested. It is a great interactive learning experience!
Step 1: (1) The board and the pieces; (2) The way the pieces move; (3) Attacking and capturing; (4) The pawn; (5) Defending; (6) Check and getting out of check; (7) Mate in one; (8) Mate in one; (9) Castling; (10) The advantageous exchange; (11) The twofold attack; (12) Drawing; (13) Mating with the queen; (14) The pawn: capturing en passant; (15) The notation.
Step 2: (1) Activity and vulnerability; (2) Double attack with the queen; (3) The pin; (4) Eliminating the defender; (5) The golden rules; (6) Mate in two moves; (7) The target: a square; (8) Double attack: knight; (9) Mating with a rook; (10) Double attack: knight, rook, bishop, pawn; (11) Discovered attack; (12) Defending against mate; (13) Short notation.
Step 3: (1) Finishing the opening; (2) Discovered and double check; (3) Attacking a pinned piece; (4) Mate; (5) Pawn endings: the square of the pawn; (6) Eliminating the defender; (7) Defend against tactics; (8) Mini-plans; (9) Draw; (10) X-ray; (11) The opening; (12) Pinned pieces; (13) Mobility; (14) Key squares; (15) Threats.
The upgraded version DGT Chess Trainer installs on the hard disk of your PC.