Use Low Maintenance Hair Color and Skip the Salon

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Like getting married, having your hair colored, is one commitment that demands high-maintenance. No matter how we try, when we go to the salon, a voice in our heads tells us we’re dedicating our lives to monthly up-keeps. Seems, we get distracted by anything when it’s time for touch-ups and just use the Law of distraction, put a little extra make-up on, so nobody will notice! Although it would be great, make-up only covers your face, not your roots.

If only there was a way, to eliminate spending countless hours at the salon. Fortunately, there is, it’s called, “low maintenance hair color”, a technique that only reveals perfect shades of highlights. Never color your hair two shades darker or lighter than your natural color. Remember, good gloss, has power.

So, say goodbye to monthly salon trips.


This technique will be most helpful to those with fine hair, who have to visit the salon quite often for touch-ups, after coloring their hair, and it also works well with lighter shades of blond too.

The name says it all, the highlights created are very fine and subtle and nowhere near as noticeable as normal highlights. To achieve this seamless look, put a little bit of hair in foil, allowing just a little separation in between.

Red Gloss

This technique will help redheads to get vibrant colors without requiring high maintenance that redheads usually have to deal with. Begin with subtle highlights, then little by little, move up to the color you desire, making sure not to go right against the roots, then for an all over tint, you can choose a red gloss.


Get a natural looking, warm shade that grows out flawless by blending several different colors, like toasty chestnut, golden blonde, dark brown and rich caramels.

Lived In

Created by, Johnny Ramirez, a celebrity hair stylist, this technique has been called, “six-month hair color.” Ramirez uses a blurring technique for these blondette or blonde shades of highlights.

Brunette Lowlights

Darker hair colored brunettes, rather than using highlights should consider lowlights with a warm chestnut shade that will add more dimension as well as depth to their color, then you won’t have to visit the salon as it grows out nicely with low maintenance.

Gray lighting

Instead of dying gray hair, embrace it, by seamlessly blending both gray and non-gray strands of hair together with low-lights and highlights.

Sunkissed Face Framing

Not a full head of face-framing highlights, but an option that is very flattering and the maintenance is ultra-low. Typically, brunettes should use a shade that’s just a tad bit lighter than their hair colors like chestnut or caramel.


The term, ashy refers to how dark or light the color is rather than your hairs undertone. Moreover, it’s like a cool undertone opposing to golden warm undertones and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

For example, ashy brown won’t have a reddish, chestnut or copper tint and ashy blonde is similar to champagne blond. Generally, those with lighter skin look great with ashy shades, for a stylish winter look just put some flashy lipstick on!


This cascading color blend is a subtle and soft ombre trend that will capture colors gradually from the roots to the ends. Nonetheless, for less maintenance, leave the roots natural and have the ends made lighter than them, maybe by two or three shades.


Fortunately, his technique doesn’t require touch-ups since you will have no harsh lines. It’s used to create highlights that look natural and works great on blondes. This cohesive look is done by blending every stroke into the hair with free-hand painting.

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