Reasons to Use an Impact Driver for Drywalll Installation

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When it comes to remodeling a home installing drywall should be simple. Drywall is easy to handle and will allow a room to have a smooth surface to pain over.

When a person is looking to get the drywall flat and smooth they will need to fasten in the wall stubs. There are a number of cordless drills on the market so it is very important to select the correct tool for the project.

Using an Impact Driver for Drywall Installation

An impact driver is a tool that will help create a high amount of torque. The tool has a powerful rotation force and will provide this to the bit or attachment. This tool is great for loosening parts on automobiles and lumber. People wonder if they can use the impact drill to install drywall. This tool can help get the nails in the drywall so they will be seamless.

This will allow a person to paint right over them without having to do additional sanding and smoothing. While this is a powerful tool to use it can be used for drywall.

This will allow a person to get through drywall that is considered to be resistant. When a person is using this driver they can make sure that the job is smooth so all that will need to be done is painting.

Ideal Installation

The perfect installation of drywall will make sure that the fasteners are driven into the correct depth and will not go further. The head of the screws will be moved into the surface of the drywall and the head of the screw will be below the paper surface of the drywall. It is important that the screw does not penetrate or damage the paper.

This can be done with the impact drill. If the screws in the drywall are in too deep it can damage the finished wall. It is best to use the impact driver and put the screws in at a angle to make sure they are in deep enough but do not get in too deep where they would cause issues.

Reasons to Use an Impact Driver for Drywall Installation

The impact driver is designed for a number of construction purposes including the installation of drywall. The gun will be able to get the drills in at the correct depth and will allow a person to work quickly and accurately. The impact driver will be able to rotate and will get the screw though many different materials.

It can even get through materials that are resistant and other tools will not work. This driver is easy to use so the user will be able to have a balanced tool that is able to use a lot of force. The force from the driver will be transferred through the tip so that a person will have a great deal of power. This tool is great for putting the drills into the drywall than some hand tools. You can find some of the best hand tool brands here.

This drill can be used for an accurate job and will reduce the chance of a problem happening later on. The driver can be used to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Power Drills vs. Impact Drivers: What’s the Difference?

In home improvement projects no doubt most of us have used a power drill. We most certainly have on of these among out power tools. But what about an impact driver, how many of us have one of those?

Now odds are some of us have never heard of an impact driver and if we have odds are we think why to bother to have one since these are similar to a power drill. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth, for although these two power tools may look alike and might be around the same size they actually do different things, making them both power tools that could come in handy.

What is an Impact Driver & Differences to a Power Driver

Now before we go into the differences between an impact driver and a power drill, let’s go a bit further into what exactly an impact driver is for those who aren’t familiar with this electric tool.

In a way, there is a similarity to power drill in that both of these drive in screws into any type of wood project. However, the impact driver also has a hammering feature in which it will actually hammer down.

But unlike a conventional hammer, the impact driver will also hammer sideways as well as straight.m Also unlike the power drill that will need pressure applied to it in order to keep the drive bit from slipping and not going straight in.

This isn’t the case with an impact driver this won’t be necessary. Another great feature of the impact driver that is if a screw needed to be removed or even a bolt there is a reverse spinning feature that can do this job as well.

Which is better Impact Driver or the Power Drill

It may seem that with the glowing review of the impact driver that we tend to prefer it over the power drill, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the power drill does things that the impact driver can’t do that makes it still a must-have. The power drill is ideal for drilling holes.

Mainly because power drill also has the ability to use various size drill bits, whereas an impact driver can only take one size. Another feature found in a power drill is that it actually has two gears one that makes it possible to drive in screws another to of course drill in holes.

Whereas the impact driver only has one gear capacity. The power drill also has a clutch which actually helps to prevent a screw being driven in too tightly during a project. So, which is best to have, the answer is actually neither, these are both quality power tools.

The bottom line is both the power drill and impact driver features that make them both beneficial to anyone who loves to tackle their own do it yourself projects. These two tools actually complement each other and both can be welcomed additions to any tool chest.


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