Head to Toe Beauty Trends for 2018

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The highlighter is going to be one of the hottest beauty products in 2018. You can use the highlighter as eyeshadow. Highlighter can also be applied on T-zone, cheekbone, chin, or even areas around the eye.

Glitter and Glam

Dramatic use of glitter stars and shapes create a glamorous look. Glitter shapes applied under the eyes in a cosmic pattern. You can start by applying stars, triangles, squares and circle shapes under the eyes.

Glossy Eyes

In 2018, gloss is not just for lips. You can use gloss with tent on eyes. Glosses have come a long way and no longer have that sticky feel to them. You can be on the lookout for eye gloss with tents of glitter or add your own face glitter to the gloss.

Makeup Companies Taking the Pledge

2018 is a turning point for the makeup industry. More and more companies are switching their cosmetic products to cruelty-free by making sustainability commitments. This will not only save millions of animals from being treated inhumane but will also affect you and the environment in a positive way. Look for the rabbit and cruelty-free on containers or packaging.

Hair Color and Glitter

You can set the hottest trend by coloring your hair with Light pastels. Some of the popular color treatments for 2018 include light blue, turquoise, light pink, light purple, light gray and dark gray. For women who don’t want to dye their hair glitter is always an option. You can add globs of glitter to styling product and piece away strands of hair for a glittering highlight.

Skin Tone Nails

Lady’s in 2018 will set the trend for painting nails the same color as their flesh. This look creates a neutral hand that isn’t out to draw attention but still catches the eye. You can always add designs and vibrant colors and glitter. Flesh tone nails are great for interviews and formal events.

Hair Style

Hairstyles in 2018 will show a lot of sweeping bangs and loose curls. Short hairstyles will have an 80’s edge and bowl cut style. You can talk to your stylist for more information about 80’s cut.

Blushed Crush

In 2018, don’t be afraid to show you’re blush. Blush is a great way to add rosé tones to your cheeks and jawlines making you appear to have a deep crush.

More Honey Please

Honey works by balancing skin, which in return clams down acne, and oil production, which is why 2018 will bring more cosmetics containing honey in them. Look for products that contain honey.

Foundation without Wrinkle Enhancement

In 2018 photo ready and HD, foundations can be found in almost every makeup line. These foundations are picture perfect and create a flawless skin tone the moment it touches the skin. HD foundations fill fine lines and wrinkles with particles that erase their appearance with one application.

Nature Skin

Skin care regimens are important in 2018 because they set up a flawless face. It’s important to have a good skin care retune especially for the days you want to go make up free. It starts by picking out the right products.

Using Micellar Cleansing Water cleanses and sooth the face. Micellar Water can remove makeup directly from the eyes.

You can unwind after a long day with a face mask. Face and mud masks are seen in every beauty aisle. Face masks have a way of deep cleaning all skin types and leave you feeling relaxed.

The ending of every face regiment needs a good moisturizer. Look for oil-free moisturizers with an olive leaf or grape seed extract to keep you looking young and vibrant.

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